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Clinic Guidelines


Several clinics will be scheduled prior to all-division tournaments in the major cities of the Region.  Additional clinics may be requested following the criteria below.

If you wish to host a clinic, we will provide clinicians for either Scorer, Referee or both.  The following are basic conditions for being a host:

1. Provide a site with a suitable place to project a Power Point presentation

2. Have a minimum of 20 attendees for each clinic

3. All attendance is on a first come - first served basis.

4. Clinics will be open to all Region members and must be posted on the Lone Star web site.

5. You may limit the number of attendees to conform to fire codes.  We will post those restrictions as part of the clinic information on the web site.

6. There may be no additional fees charged for clinic attendance.

7. The application fee for certification is $25. 

1. All live clinics will be bound by local restrictions for spacing and group size.
2. We will allow no more than 50 attendees at any clinic.
    Because of space limitations and distance requirements, parents will no longer be allowed to attend with their children unless they are working toward certification.
3. Initially, the clinician will take and track reservation requests via email. Once the new USAV membership database is online, we should be able to have online reservations.  A name and club will be required for each reservation.
4. Appropriate spacing and masks are highly recommended for attendees.

Since you will be hosting, you have access to the first 40 slots. The hosting club will have 72 hours to provide a list of names for their reservations.

If a clinician must travel a long distance to conduct a clinic or perform ratings, please consider providing some reimbursement for travel.


To request a clinic at your facility, please contact:

Scorer Chair
C.L. "Steve" Crane

Referee Chair
Joe Campbell






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