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  Lone Star Region Forms
All forms are property of USA Volleyball or the Lone Star Region and may be used by member organizations. Any other use is prohibited without advance written approval.

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Generic Tournament
Entry Form


Playoff Brackets:
Two Pool
Three Pool

Generic Outdoor Event Entry Form

Official's Application
Rev 6/22


Scorer Rating Sheet
Rater must be a Regional or above scorer and not be affiliated with the club/team being rated.

This form is not required if you sent in a copy of your score sheet.

Referee Rating Sheet
Jr - Prov

Referee Rater's Handbook




Official's Scheduled Matches 
Work Sheet


USAV Rating form - R1

USAV Rating form - R2

Critical Errors









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USA Volleyball Official Score Sheets

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Line-Up Sheet
2 out of 3 match


Line-Up Sheet
3 out of 5 match




Line-Up Sheet
2 out of 3 match

Full Pool

Line-Up Sheet
3 out of 5 match

Full Pool

Score Sheet -
Non Deciding Set

For Region Play

Score Sheet-
Deciding Set
For Region Play

Score Sheet -
Two Set

For Region Play


2/3 Libero Control Sheet

3/5 Libero Control Sheet

Score Sheet -
Non Deciding Set

Blank Heading W/Logo
For Region Play

Score Sheet -
Deciding Set
Blank Heading W/Logo
Rev 8/12/15
For Region Play

Score Sheet -Two Set
Blank Heading W/Logo
For Region Play


Score Sheets for National Qualifiers:


No Header





Outdoor (Beach)

Score Sheet -
Beach 2s


Score Sheet -
Beach 3s


Score Sheet -
Beach 4s


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Scorer Summaries and Tips

One page
scoring summary


Scorer Tips Card
(Front and Back)

To be used with Avery
5½ x 4¼ Postcards

Rev: 10/15



Lone Star Scorer Clinic Presentation - Rev 9/23

Libero Control Procedures

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Lone Star Region - Tournament Package

Host Instructions Rev 4/24 One Court Tournament Pack
Tournament Entry Form Court Manager Responsibilities
Tournament Financial Report Rev 8/23 Pre-Tournament Team List/Roster Status/Rank: xls | pdf
Line-Up Sheet, 2 of 3 match Determining Playoff Positions
Line-Up Sheet, 3 of 5 match Tournament Results Form: xls | pdf
Score Sheet, 2 set FacilitySafetyRequirements
Score Sheet Deciding Set  
Libero Control Sheet 3 Team Bracket - Single Pool
2020-21 two set score sheet no switch 3 Team Win-Loss Record Sheet
2020-21 two set score sheet no switch-no header 4 Team Bracket - Single Pool
Instructions for Pool Assignments 4 Team Win-Loss Record Sheet
4 Team Pool Pool Schedule A: doc | pdf 4 Team Pool Bracket
4 Team Pool Pool Schedule B: doc | pdf 5 Team Win-Loss Record Sheet
5 Team Pool Pool Schedule A: doc | pdf 5 Team Pool Bracket
5 Team Pool Pool Schedule B: doc | pdf 6 Team Win-Loss Record Sheet
5 Team Pool Pool 2 Nets: doc | pdf 6 Team Pool Bracket
6 Team Pool Pool 1 Net: doc | pdf 7 TeamWin-Loss Record Sheet
6 Team Pool Pool 2 Nets: doc | pdf 7 Team Pool Bracket
6 Team Pool Pool X-Over, Seeded: doc | pdf Playoff Bracket - 2 pool play
7 Team Pool Pool X-Bracket: doc | pdf Playoff Bracket - 3 pool play
7 Team Pool Pool 2 Nets: doc | pdf Playoff Bracket - 3 way playoff

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Lone Star Region - Club/Team Package

Club Director Communications Medical Release Form (Juniors) wo/notary (22-23)
Club Administrator Guide Medical Release Form (Juniors) w/notary (22-23)
Creating a new club Incident Report Form (23-24)
Club Administrator - SportsEngine Playbook Medical Claim Form (23-24)
SportsEngine Playbook YouTube Playlist USA Volleyball Insurance Handbook (23-24)
Practice Session Sanction Request (23-24) Request for Certificate of Insurance (23-24)
Jr Club Personnel Code of Ethics  (19-20) Certificate of Insurance (23-24)
USAV Code of Conduct (23-24) Insurance Program Summary (23-24)
Spectator Code of Conduct Secondary Sport Accident Insurance Summary (23-24)
USAV Alcohol Policy Medical Professional Liability Summary (23-24)
Junior Age Definitions (23-24) Medical Professional Liability Enrollment (23-24)
Age Falsification Policy Volunteer Consent Form (19-20)
Junior Waiver to Play on Adult Team (18-19) Volunteer Waiver Release (19-20)
Chaperone Responsibilities (19-20) Directors & Officers Liability program (23-24)
SafeSport FAQ about "Stay And Play"
USAV Background Check Policy (22-23)  


Each team is required to have at least one Referee and one Scorer (not the same person) to play in a sanctioned tournament.  To compete in the Regional Championships, teams must have, listed as a member of their roster, a certified referee and a certified scorer . Anyone over the age of 18 will need to complete the Provisional or above Scorer or Referee rating.

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USAV Foreign Guest/Participant Forms

USAV Background Consent, Fillable Non-Citizen (19-20) USAV Foreign Guest Coach Policy (23-24)
USAV Background Procedure Non-Citizen (17-18) USAV Foreign Participant Procedures (23-24)
Sport Accident Insurance Summary Non-Citizen (19-20) USAV Foreign Participation Policy (23-24)

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Lone Star Region - Newsletters

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2007 - February

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Club Director Communications

7 - 3/19/24 - Spectator Code of Conduct
Club directors,
Please send the below letter from the Commissioner and the attached Spectator Code of Conduct to all the parents in your club program.

Dear Lone Star Region Volleyball Parents,

Even though we are halfway through our 2024 volleyball season, we have had to handle many spectator problems, so we would like to remind you of the Spectator Code of Conduct attached to this email. Please read the Code of Conduct and then remember the following:

1. Parents should not interact in any way with the referees but should leave that to the coach of the team.
2. Parents from opposing teams should not be taunting or arguing with one another.
3. Parents should cheer for their child’s team, not taunt the opposing team.
4. Profanity is not to be used in the gym.
5. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the gym.

Parents who cannot follow the spectator rules will be asked to leave the facility and could be prohibited from attending future events.

Will Vick
Lone Star Region - USA Volleyball
6 - 2/16/24 - VOLLEY STATION
You may have registered for an event where the tournament director/host may have stated that Volley Station scoring is required. This is not a policy in the Lone Star Region, as the region did not pre-approve the app for this season. If comfortable with the downloading of the app onto your or your athlete's electronic device, you may use Volley Station to keep score if you'd like.

Certification in scoring still requires a two-set paper score sheet to be submitted to the Scorer Chair and receive a passing score.

The Volley Station app will not be accepted for use during the Lone Star Junior Regionals tournament event. A paper score sheet must be kept by the certified scorer in the BID division and by the clinic-attended scorer in the non-BID division.
5 - 11/17/23 - Team Names and Team Codes in the Lone Star Region of USA Volleyball

a) Team names in the Region database of USA Volleyball (USAV) must reflect your club name and the age division. Abbreviations are only permitted if the Region had grandfathered the club in before our naming policy had to be instituted. It is not necessary to include Volleyball, Volleyball Club, or VBC. You can include this if you'd like, but this information is assumed on a club name.
b) There are standard abbreviations for the state and cities to shorten the possible long club name to fit into specific fields in registration systems.
Texas or Texan - TX
Friendswood - FR
Fredericksburg - FRED
Houston - HOU or H
Hill Country - HC
San Antonio - SA

There is a new system this season for creating the USAV team roster. The Club Administrator must be followed to create the team correctly.
a) Per the Playbook, teams must be shared with USA Volleyball, or the team does not show USAV. There is a "Submit to USA Volleyball" option in the three-dot menu to the far right of the screen of every team name. If there are changes on the roster, such as an addition, deletion, or amendment in the team name, the team must again be shared with USA Volleyball.
b) The TEAM RANK field is not an actual team ranking. That field is used as an identifier in the team code. If you only have one team in an age division, that team rank field should get a 1. If you have two teams in an age division, the first team should get a 1, and the second team should get a 2. Our Ranking Committee completes rankings in the Lone Star Region based on the team's tournament finish.

If a club uses a registration system to enter an event, those teams must match a correctly created team name and code in USAV. If you get a negative response from your tournament hosts, you must submit information through the HELP screen for the tournament registration system and ask them to change the team code.

Karen Tarmon
Registrar / SafeSport Coordinator
Lone Star Region – USA Volleyball
4 - 10/22/23 - SAFESPORT UPDATE
We have received the below message from the US Center for SafeSport.  If you have a coach or an athlete in the middle of the SafeSport course, they must finish by Tuesday, October 24, or they may lose all progress and have to start over.

The sanctioned season for the Lone Star Region always begins the first day after the state high school playoffs have ended. The opening date of the Lone Star Region's sanctioned season starts on November 19th.

Tournaments on LSR's Indoor Junior Tournament Schedule and LSR's Junior Outdoor Tournament are covered by USAV insurance as long as participants are current USAV members. Practices during the sanctioned season are covered by USAV insurance as long as participants are current USAV members. The Region will not sanction camps, clinics, or tryouts.

Practices must be submitted to the Commissioner through the attached to be sanctioned by the Region
2 - 9/22/23 - USAV Insurance and Certificate of Insurance
You can get your Certificate of Insurance (COI), which lists your registered Lone Star Region club, through EPIC Entertainment & Sports. These certificates automatically renew each season. However, two critical statements on the document show that coverage is only available during the sanctioned season and for currently registered USAV members. You can use your COI to reserve a school for practice, but no benefits will apply until the sanctioned start date of November 19, 2023.
• Coverage applies to the above Named Insured but only with respect to activities sanctioned or approved by USA Volleyball (USAV) or its Regional Volleyball Association (RVA).
• No coverage will apply for RVAs and RVA clubs for events conducted in which all participants are not registered with USAV.
The only activities covered are tournaments on LSR's Indoor Junior Tournament Schedule and LSR's Junior Outdoor Tournament Schedule, along with club practices during the sanctioned season. The Region will not sanction camps, clinics, or tryouts.

EPIC Entertainment & Sports
Username: Club email address
Password: 5-letter club code

Once logged in, put your Lone Star Region club name in the Club field and choose the Filter prompt. Use the printer icon to the right of the information that will display to download the document to your computer.

If you are looking for a facility's COI, put the facility name in the Certificate Holder field, and choose the Filter or Refilter if you have been looking for other COIs.
1 - 9/1/23 - Season registration is now open
USA Volleyball (USAV) officially opened the 2023-24 season today.  All club participants are required to have a 2023-24 Lone Star membership to participate.  Club participants are to register through your Public Club Assignment (PCA) link so that the membership will be assigned to your club.  Should someone register through the Region website, you must still send them a Public Club Assignment to put that membership in your club.  They will not be charged a second time.   Club directors must have USAV Administrative access to send out the PCA.  This is completed with the 2023-24 membership, background screen clearance, and current SafeSport certification.

SportsEngine did change the menu of your organization's (club) HQ.  Go to the Directory menu option, then choose Membership.  The PCA is located at the top left of the Membership page.  If you have a Freemium account, you will automatically be on the USA Volleyball page showing when you choose Memberships.  If you have a Premium account, you will need to take the extra step of selecting the USA Volleyball tab at the top of the Membership page.   

I've attached the instructions for the purchased membership that should be sent out with your PCA link.  Also attached is the Club Administrators Guide.  The new Club Administrator - SportsEngine Playbook put out by USAV is communicated in the below hyperlink.  The USAV Playbook is extremely helpful to all club directors.  It does contain links and is not valid for printing.  USAV has created a YouTube channel playlist to go along with this guide.  I highly encourage you to watch these videos. 

Club Administrator – SportsEngine Playbook
SportsEngine Playbook YouTube Playlist

If your club participants have any registration issues, you can contact the Region Registrar's office at or 830-358-7714.  I do respond more quickly to emails as the phones are pretty busy.  Members with registration issues can also send an email to my helper Jack Zaldivar at the email address  

Karen Tarmon