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  Lone Star Region Forms
All forms are property of USA Volleyball or the Lone Star Region and may be used by member organizations. Any other use is prohibited without advance written approval.

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Generic Tournament
Entry Form


Playoff Brackets:
Two Pool
Three Pool

Generic Outdoor Event Entry Form

Official's Application
Rev 6/22


Scorer Rating Sheet
Rater must be a Regional or above scorer and not be affiliated with the club/team being rated.

This form is not required if you sent in a copy of your score sheet.

Referee Rating Sheet
Jr - Prov

Referee Rater's Handbook

Referee Rater's Sign In
.xlsx - requires Excel compatibility




Official's Scheduled Matches 
Work Sheet


USAV Rating form - R1

USAV Rating form - R2

Critical Errors









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USA Volleyball Official Score Sheets

Click on the link below to display file.
To download a copy of the file, right click on the link, then select Save Target As.

Line-Up Sheet
2 out of 3 match


Line-Up Sheet
3 out of 5 match




Line-Up Sheet
2 out of 3 match

Full Pool

Line-Up Sheet
3 out of 5 match

Full Pool

Score Sheet -
Non Deciding Set

For Region Play

Score Sheet-
Deciding Set
For Region Play

Score Sheet -
Two Set

For Region Play


2/3 Libero Control Sheet

3/5 Libero Control Sheet

Score Sheet -
Non Deciding Set

Blank Heading W/Logo
For Region Play

Score Sheet -
Deciding Set
Blank Heading W/Logo
Rev 8/12/15
For Region Play

Score Sheet -Two Set
Blank Heading W/Logo
For Region Play


Score Sheets for National Qualifiers:


No Header





Outdoor (Beach)

Score Sheet -
Beach 2s


Score Sheet -
Beach 3s


Score Sheet -
Beach 4s


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Scorer Summary and Tips

One page
scoring summary


Scorer Tips Card
(Front and Back)

To be used with Avery
5½ x 4¼ Postcards

Rev: 10/15



Lone Star Scorer Clinic Presentation - Rev 9/22

Libero Control Procedures

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Lone Star Region - Tournament Package

Host Instructions Rev 9/22 One Court Tournament Pack
Tournament Entry Form Court Manager Responsibilities
Tournament Financial Report Rev 9/22 Pre-Tournament Team List/Roster Status/Rank: xls | pdf
Line-Up Sheet, 2 of 3 match Determining Playoff Positions
Line-Up Sheet, 3 of 5 match Tournament Results Form: xls | pdf
Score Sheet, 2 set  
Score Sheet Deciding Set  
Libero Control Sheet 3 Team Bracket - Single Pool
2020-21 two set score sheet no switch 3 Team Win-Loss Record Sheet
2020-21 two set score sheet no switch-no header 4 Team Bracket - Single Pool
Instructions for Pool Assignments 4 Team Win-Loss Record Sheet
4 Team Pool Pool Schedule A: doc | pdf 4 Team Pool Bracket
4 Team Pool Pool Schedule B: doc | pdf 5 Team Win-Loss Record Sheet
5 Team Pool Pool Schedule A: doc | pdf 5 Team Pool Bracket
5 Team Pool Pool Schedule B: doc | pdf 6 Team Win-Loss Record Sheet
5 Team Pool Pool 2 Nets: doc | pdf 6 Team Pool Bracket
6 Team Pool Pool 1 Net: doc | pdf 7 TeamWin-Loss Record Sheet
6 Team Pool Pool 2 Nets: doc | pdf 7 Team Pool Bracket
6 Team Pool Pool X-Over, Seeded: doc | pdf Playoff Bracket - 2 pool play
7 Team Pool Pool X-Bracket: doc | pdf Playoff Bracket - 3 pool play
7 Team Pool Pool 2 Nets: doc | pdf Playoff Bracket - 3 way playoff

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Lone Star Region - Club/Team Package

Club Director Communications Medical Release Form (Juniors) wo/notary (22-23)
Creating a new club Medical Release Form (Juniors) w/notary (22-23)
Club Director MMS Checklist (22-23) Incident Report Form (22-23)
Practice Session Sanction Request (22-23) Medical Claim Form (22-23)
Jr Club Personnel Code of Ethics  (19-20) USA Volleyball Insurance Handbook (22-23)
USAV Code of Conduct (23-24) Request for Certificate of Insurance (22-23)
Spectator Code of Conduct Certificate of Insurance (22-23)
USAV Alcohol Policy Insurance Program Summary (22-23)
Junior Age Definitions (22-23) Secondary Sport Accident Insurance Summary (22-23)
Age Falsification Policy Medical Professional Liability Summary (23-24)
Junior Waiver to Play on Adult Team (18-19) Medical Professional Liability Enrollment (23-24)
Chaperone Responsibilities (19-20) Volunteer Consent Form (19-20)
SafeSport (20-21) Volunteer Waiver Release (19-20)
USAV Background Check Policy (22-23) Directors & Officers Liability program (22-23)
FAQ about "Stay And Play"  


Each team is required to have at least one Referee and one Scorer (not the same person) to play in a sanctioned tournament.  To compete in the Regional Championships, teams must have, listed as a member of their roster, a certified referee and a certified scorer . Anyone over the age of 18 will need to complete the Provisional or above Scorer or Referee rating.

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USAV Foreign Guest/Participant Forms

USAV Background Consent, Fillable Non-Citizen (19-20) USAV Foreign Guest Coach Policy (17-18)
USAV Background Procedure Non-Citizen (17-18) USAV Foreign Participant Procedures (17-18)
Sport Accident Insurance Summary Non-Citizen (19-20) USAV Foreign Participation Policy (17-18)

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Lone Star Region - Newsletters

2019 - February 2019 - May  2019 - August None Published
2018 - February 2018 - May  2018 - August None Published
2017 - February 2017 - May  2017 - August  2017 - November
2016 - February 2016 - May  2016 - August  None Published

2015 - February

2015 - May 

 2015 - August

 None Published

2014 - February

2014 - May   2014 - August  2014 - November

2013 - February

2013 - May   2013 - August None Published

2012 - February

2012 - May  2012 - August  2012 - November

2011 - February

2011 - May 2011 - August 2011 - November

2010 - February

2010 - May

2010 - August

None Published

2009 - February

None Published

2009 - August

2009 - November

2008 - February

2008 - May

2008 - August

2008 - November

2007 - February

2007 - May

2007 - August

2007 - November

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Club Director Communications

12 - 12/12/22 - USA Volleyball Uniform Rules
There have been a few clubs that have attempted to participate in sanctioned tournaments with illegal uniform jerseys.  Remember that the Lone Star Region of USA Volleyball will follow both Lone Star Region and USA Volleyball rules for all sanctioned events.  I have included the hyperlink to the USAV Uniform Requirement PDF and a hyperlink for the 2021-23 Indoor Rules Book.  Please carefully review the uniform rules of USAV.  

USAV Uniform Requirement PDF

2021-23 Indoor Rules Book

The Referee Chair, Joe Campbell, recommends you send a draft of your uniform shirt to gain approval before solidifying your uniform plans.

11 - 12/6/22 - Transgender Policy
The USA Volleyball Gender Competition Guidelines are restricted to USAV-specific events, but do not extend down to each Region given the varying state laws that affect each Region. For the 2022–2023 season, the Lone Star Region will follow the state of Texas’ policy regarding gender determination. Section 33.0834 of the Texas Education Code outlines that gender shall be determined based on an athlete’s birth certificate, or other similar government documents used for the purpose of identification. Athletes competing in the Lone Star Region sanctioned events, during the 2022 – 2023 season must participate on the gender-specific team which their birth certificate designates.
10 - 11/22/22 - Team Roster Verification
Club Directors,
Teams require a roster verification before participating in any Lone Star Region sanctioned tournament. Only USAV teams submitted to the Governing Seasons in the MMS are viewed as your club is a member of the Lone Star Region of USA Volleyball. Please keep in mind that the Region can only view the roster if the roster has a designated Head Coach.

To participate in any Lone Star Region sanctioned event, USAV rosters must include the following:
SCORER (Sco) – can be “in-progress” by clinic attendance.
REFEREE (Ref)– can be “in-progress” by clinic attendance.
MINIMUM of SIX (6) Registered ATHLETES

Registration systems such as AES, TM2, Sports Wrench, or other outside registration systems are not looked at for roster verification.

Keep this in mind as you build your teams in the HQ Governing Seasons of the MMS.
9 - 11/22/22 - Lone Star Region Sanctioned Season / USAV Insurance
The sanctioned season began this past Sunday, November 20th. To receive any benefits of USA Volleyball insurance, all members participating with your club must have a USAV-eligible membership. The Region only sanctions the tournaments listed on the Official 2022-2023 Lone Star Volleyball Region Junior Tournament Schedule, the Official 2022-23 Lone Star Volleyball Region Junior Outdoor Tournament Schedule, and sanctioned club team practices. Clubs are required to submit the attached 2023 Practice Sanction Form to have their practices sanctioned. The Region does not sanction clinics, camps, or tryouts. Sanctioning ends for your club with participation in the last Lone Star Region sanctioned tournament that your club attends. Non-compliance with sanctions procedures could result in severe financial problems for your club.

For your review, the Insurance Program Summary, the Secondary Sports Accident Insurance Summary, and the Certificate of Insurance (COI) for the Lone Star Region.  Are posted in the Club/Team Package in the Reference section of the Region website.

You can download a copy of your COI list listing your club as the Named Insured from the insurance website. Please go to The UserName is your club's email address, and the Password is your five-character club code. Once you have logged in, the Dashboard will be presented to you. Change the settings for Records Per Page to "All"; Maximum Records Returned to "500"; and click on the column heading Certificate Holder. The COI with your club name will display near the top of the list as For Information Purposes Only. Use the printer icon to the right of the COI to download a copy to your computer.

The COIs created for some facilities are currently in the insurance system. If you need an Additional Insured COI for an entity not listed, you will need to fill out and send the Region office the Request for Certificate of Insurance found in the Club/Team Package.

Karen Tarmon
Registrar / SafeSport Coordinator
8 - 10/26/22 - SportsEngine platform issue
Club Directors,

Members are experiencing messages on the HOME screen of their SE account showing that there are still requirements to fulfill (screenshot #1) when the members already have an "Eligible" membership. This is an ongoing issue with the SportsEngine platform that the developer and techs have tried to remedy and are still unsuccessful.

If you have coaches or athlete parents stating these messages are showing, please have them go to the Household menu option and choose "View Profile" on the one who has the membership. Members should see the Lone Star Region Volleyball membership receipt (screenshot #2). If the membership states "Eligible", it is the platform bug causing that "requirements" message to show on your Home screen. The member can ignore that message.


7 - 10/14/22 - SAFE SPORT
Club Directors,
The US Cen

ter for SafeSport will take its system offline for updates on Wednesday, October 19th. Learners who have started but not finished the course by Tuesday, October 18th, will automatically lose their current progress and have to restart at the beginning.

Dear Lone Star Region Volleyball Parents,

As we get ready for another volleyball season, we would like to remind you of the Spectator Code of Conduct, which is attached to this email. (Link)

We had too many situations last year where parents wanted to discuss or complain about the officiating directly to the referees during or after the match. If there is a problem with the officiating, that complaint should go through the coach of the team. No parent should confront a referee at any time for any reason. Parents who confront referees will be asked to leave the facility and could be prohibited from attending future events.

Will Vick, Commissioner, Lone Star Region - USA Volleyball
Changes to your club contact information, including a club director change must be submitted through the Lone Star Region Club Sanctioning Application link. This below information is copied from the bottom of the Membership page of the Region website.

Sanctioning is required before a club can become part of the Lone Star Region of USA Volleyball.
Clubs must be located within the geographical boundaries of this Region. A club can only be
created in the region in which its club director resides. Each club will have only one club director.

The creation of a new Club can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it. They can be a
simple “Mom & Pop” operation, with as few as one team. Clubs can also be large incorporated entities,
with a great number of teams. We are now creating, either INDOOR or OUTDOOR clubs
or a combination of the two.

New Club Fee: $100
New Collegiate Club: No charge
Club Name Change: $100
Club Director Change: No charge
Update Information: No charge

Use the following link to submit your application for your new club or to change a club name. This
form should also be used to update any contact information you have regarding your club (i.e. new
email address, new phone number, etc.).
Lone Star Region Club Sanctioning Application

Send a printed copy of your application along with the appropriate fee to the Region Office.
Lone Star Region, 1608 Canyon Oak, Schertz, TX 78154

Club creation or changes will not be implemented until fees have been received in the Region

SafeSport is a requirement for all athletes that turn 18 within the season. The season begins on September 1, 2022, and finishes on August 31, 2023. The registration system picks the membership automatically based on the athlete's birthdate. Athletes with a birthdate showing they will turn 18 before August 31st will automatically receive the 22-23 LoneStar Junior Player - SafeSport Required membership. The athlete is required to complete SafeSport before approval on a USAV roster is given.

The USA VOLLEYBALL JUNIOR PLAYER AGE DEFINITIONS show that the birthdate defines which team an athlete can participate with. Please do not get this confused with the membership requirement. Where an athlete's birthdate actually falls will determine which level of team an athlete may participate with. It is VERY possible to have an 18U athlete on a 17U team.
3 - 9/2/22 - SAFE SPORT
Please look at the below notice from USAV regarding a SafeSport Training issue. If you are in your club's HQ, please do not "connect" the accounts using the connect functionality on membership eligibility. As an FYI, my certification did not come right after I finished the course. It took 7 minutes for my clearance to come through.

Safe Sport Training Update Issue

Hi Region Leaders,

USA Volleyball is aware of an issue where some SafeSport completions are not being sent from the US Center for SafeSport LMS back to member SportsEngine profiles.

If you have a member claiming to have completed SafeSport, but there is no completion displaying, please have them submit a HelpDesk ticket to the SafeSport Center at this link: Please do not "connect" the accounts using the connect functionality on membership eligibility unless the situation is an emergency.

All club participants require a seasonal USA Volleyball (USAV) membership in order to participate in sanctioned events. Club participants must register through the Public Club Assignment sent by their club. The Public Club Assignment is sent from the database, known as the Member Management System (MMS). The membership price this season is $50. Adult club participants will have an additional $14 fee for the background screen clearance.

The attached 2022-23 Club Director MMS Season Process contains many instructions, screenshots, and hyperlinks to help navigate and complete processes in the database. The document is always posted each season in the Club/Team Package available in the Reference section of the Region website. Please carefully go through this document.

Once the club director/admin has completed their USAV membership and requirements, access to the USA Volleyball tab of the database will be available. Club directors/admin will send the Public Club Assignment link to club participants. Instructions and screenshots for this process are on the Membership Purchase & Club Assignment page of the 2022-23 MMS Season Process attachment.

I have also included a simple instruction sheet, the 2022-23 Membership Instructions, that can be sent to the parents for help when answering the Public Club Assignment link. Parents must be the primary account holders of the Sports Engine account holding the purchased membership.

Karen Tarmon
1 - 8/30/22 - MEMBERSHIP
USA Volleyball (USAV) officially opens the Membership registration season on Thursday, September 1st. Club directors must have their USAV membership purchased by September 30th to keep their club active in the Lone Star Region for the 2022-23 season. If you are a club starting later in the season, you must contact the Region to reactivate your club when you've purchased your seasonal USAV membership. If you are discontinuing your club, please let me know.

Club directors can purchase their membership through the Region website's Membership page. After completing the Safe Sport course and clearing the background screen, club directors will have access to the USA Volleyball link in the USAV HQ (your club's Home page in the USAV database). Club directors will then be able to send the Public Club Assignment link for membership registration to their coaches, athletes, and other club participants so that they may purchase a membership assigned to your club. Club directors will also need to send that Public Club Assignment to themselves so their purchased membership can be assigned to the club.

Membership registration instructions for your club participants will be sent in an additional email.

Karen Tarmon